Pollack Fishing

Pollack are one of the 5 main sport fish that can be caught from Portpatrick.

They can be caught on the shipwrecks around the village and weigh upto 10 lbs.

The preferred method for catching them though is on heavy spinning gear/light boat rods whilst drifting under the cliffs or across the harbour entrance in 20-30ft of water fishing just above the kelp and rocks.

Individuals can use spinners, jelly lures, sidewinders, large feathers but by far the most effective methods are to float fish -silver mackerel belly or sand eel, freeline the 2 aforementioned baits or use ragworm on a lead head or under a float.  Using bait will account for the better fish. 

Small pollack are present all year round but the larger fish      (4-6 lb) start to show in June with the chance of a double figure fish best in August to November.

Most pollack are 3-7 lb in weight but several, every year,

are 8-12 lb with larger ones lost.







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